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rather nasty thing, being beaten by a friend, isn't it? Harry's finally beaten me at Wizarding Chess. Of course, the professors have decided to swamp us with work...

How exactly does Care of Magical Creaturs justify homework?!

Another Drumstrang fellow has added onto this project. Head Boy it seems. And he's awfully disgusting, if you ask me. He would be perfect friends with Malfoy.

Fred, George, those things you sent me're really selling them? -shakes head- really...and you guys need to bug Ginny about Ewan...I caught them kissing last night.
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You wouldn't have so much if you'd just do it and not let it pile up. You really should get on a schedule you know.
Oh yes Hermione, and wake up at bloody five o'clock in the morning to keep up with my thanks.
How exactly do you justify living? Really. I am dieing to know. At least now that you have been beaten by Potter you might get an article in the Prophet. That might make you a sickle. Most money you would probably ever see in your life that wasn't a hand out from people feeling sorry for you.
Then go die to know in the corner, Malfoy. At least people would care if Ron wasn't around. I only count two who'd remember you existed.
And the world would stop revolving if the boy who lived dropped off its face. Honestly, go play hero somewhere else. Preferably off a cliff.
Ah Malfoy, so nice to see your ugly face at last. You are "dieing" to know? Well, i can live safely knowing that I'm a better speller.
Oh no, I made a mistake. I am surprised you even noticed, Weasel. You would think it would just blend into the rest of your life.
Go to hell, Malfoy. I believe it's missing you.
dont worry about having to see me and Ewan kissing again...he found two invisibility cloaks in the broom closet across from the great hall! They will be useful!