Another Weasly (palidtomatoes) wrote,
Another Weasly


..You know...our first year with the Mirror of Erised? Well, I saw myself as head Boy, Quiddich captain and stuff...funny how it's come true...

After a week of sulking in which I had lots of detentions (I even got one with Hagrid) I've decided to come out with it:


Why won't you let us copy?!?!?!?! It really bugs me you call yourself our friend and don't let us do that
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You aren't head boy yet Ron and you never will be if you keep slacking off on your studies. I'm doing this for your own good, you know. You'll never learn anything if you just copy. You have to do it for yourself.

It also might do you some good to show the new students some welcome instead of glaring at them when they walk into the common room. As A prefect you should be trying to help them out, not stare them down.
We might be on the losing side of this one, Ron.

I'm all done though, if Prefect duties are dragging you both behind.
How nice. Just like James. Reckon you might be a good person to talk to. Want to talk?
It had to happen sooner or later. Yeah, yes I do. Whenever is good for you.
Mind if I join, if you aren't talking about anything too private? It's been a while since I've seen my son Harry, and I'm have a few questions I'd like toa sk.
You just want him to tell you about what's in that book!

I also want to ask him how he's been doing lately too. And when Quidditch practice is.
Well I happen to want to ask him about me...

Quidditch... man... I hope we can be on the team here.
It's been up on Temporis. Sorry, Sirius, Colin just barely beat you and Seamus.

James/Prongs/Harry's dad...first practice is Wed.
Bah. You weren't supposed to tell me, that was my excuse to talk to Harry.

Hey, Ron, by the way... is there anything you know about that you could share with me?
-snickers- You're not headboy yet... And I think Harry will headboy...not you.No offence, mate
Colin, Ron's got as much of a chance as I have. Probably more, since he's already a prefect.
well you're gonna be head boy like your me.
You really should get a life. I pity you.
Shut. Up.