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Good god

Gryffindor Quiddich: We have the field Saturdays from 10-12:00am- practices every week

Zach's idea. Good one, too. Diviniation will cost me my life, one of these days. I think that Hermione's rubbing off on me, though, I've been spending way too much time actually doing my homework. Maybe it was the smoke...I think it was the smoke, but I did think I saw something in those sodding crystal balls today. I had no idea what it meant, or what it was, but...better than Harry and I making stuff up. I have just found some crumbs in my keyboard...ergh... SPEW is still in the works...rather stupidly, if you ask me. The 'Elves don't like to be free, Hermione, just let them alone. It's like you messing with Fred and George's experiments last year.

Harry, are you staying for Christmas break? I don't think I can stand more of Percy and Dad at each other. I actually got an owl from him the other day...burned it, of course, but ... he's always been so degrading.
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I do have them on occasion. 'Spose I could blame you guys for it, seeing the controversy over the Slytherins claiming the pitch and all.
We're either staying here or going to the Headquarters, I think. Most likely staying here. Mum owled me a few days back, she's not really sure on what's going on yet.
By the sounds of it, whatever you do. It's not like I'm making those decisions anymore, is it?